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Our brief was simple; give us a house that is special. Not having built before we were not familiar with new technology and design forms. From our first meeting, Merinda listened to our request of double volume living areas, 4 bedrooms en suite, a sweeping staircase, 4 garages, and our guest bathroom to be spectacular. Our house was to have a lot of natural light, with no pokey rooms. Wind at Sparrebosch is very often extreme; therefore protection from the wind had to play an important role in the design. We also knew that we wanted a house that allowed for easy entertaining and to have an "inside/outside" living space. We wanted a pool with a rim flow, “Oh” and don’t forget a limited budget. Merinda burst out laughing and both she and Ian gave us a more realistic view of our requirements.

Once Merinda had seen the stand and our view she already had a vision of how the house should be placed and the different levels it would have. It was at this point we truly realized that we had the best architect.


The entrance is bold and offers a unique experience with the central focal point being a working bell tower. The natural stone exterior walls create a contemporary look. There are two water features on either side of the entrance, framed by large windows that give a teasing view of the interior. On entering our home, one cannot help but feel a sense of peace and tranquility as the view of the adjoining forest has been framed magnificently by big opening sliding doors, creating wide open spaces which incorporate the flowing patios. Visitors enter a double volume space beautifully adorned with a wrought iron chandelier. An abundance of glass and large windows have been used to provide natural light, allowing the calm of the outside to be brought inside. The abundant use of discrete lighting, which is Ian's pride and joy, provides sophistication and tranquility. All of these lighting elements are easily maintained and controlled by an electronic home management system, again advised by Ian.

The magnificent fireplace has a chimney extending through the double volume and is an impressive piece of architecture. The staircase leading upstairs is an unusual feature in itself, branching out in three directions to bedrooms; all with their own balconies which open up to beautiful gardens and views. There is a pleasing mix of organic natural wood alongside mint sandstone floors. There are open ceiling beams that form a feature of the double volume.

The patios have specially shaped pillars which form the posts for an extensive pergola structure. The attention to detail is what sets this house apart, and makes it unique. From shadow lines to different ceiling heights. From curved interior walls to arched ceilings. Our brief has been interpreted in a unique and delightful manner.


As we lived in Gauteng and were building in Knysna it was imperative that we had someone we could trust to run the project for us. We found Ian invaluable in this regard. Not only was he always around to make sure everything was running smoothly, he also had an amazing way of explaining, in a practical way, elements that we did not understand. He had access to the latest technology and exposed us to the newest innovations and provided us with the pros and cons. Such was the commitment of this team that they spent many Sundays checking all the aspects of our house and "tweaking" the design where needed. To this end we were most grateful.

We were also helped by Merinda, in choosing an Interior Designer. She helped us make those hard decisions of style and design and also made sure that they were in line with her Architectural design. Her help in this regard was invaluable.


The house is aesthetically pleasing and fits our lifestyle requirements. We love sitting outside and admiring the view from our open patio which is protected by clever design from inclement weather and wind. Centered on the patio is the double rim flow pool which has been uniquely constructed between specially shaped pillars. The abundance of windows in the house provides natural light and superb air flow which leaves the house cool in summer and warm in winter and the design of the bedrooms allows one to be able to have a special place away from friends and family.   

All in all entertaining is pure pleasure. The open plan provides a relaxing atmosphere to visitors. We are ecstatic about our home and are proud to have been associated with Brymer and Associates. We could not have chosen a better team. Thanks to Merinda and Ian, who created a masterpiece that we can honestly call HOME.  

Era and James Law

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