Brymer and Associates is an architectural design studio based in Knysna on the Garden Route of South Africa, with a history dating back to the early 1990’s. The studio specialises in luxury Homes, educational, commercial and public utility work.

A unique feature of Knysna is the large number of holiday Homes which implies absentee clients with limited time to actively engage in their projects. To service the needs of these clients, the partners in the studio, Merinda and Ian Brymer, offer a turn key approach to design, where all aspects of the design and building process are managed. The studio offers a full range of services encompassing architectural design and supervision, interior design, construction consultation and landscape management. Budget sensitive design and building cost management are important aspects of the current building environment and these are, therefore, managed with great care in the design and building phases. Environmental sensitive design and resource conservation are also very important elements of the studio’s design management.

The Architectural studio’s design philosophy is based on simplicity where the focus is on proportion and the creation of interesting, liveable spaces. An eclectic architectural design style has been developed over time and due to this flexibility, any building form or style that the client requires can be catered for. The studio’s designs often have a classical feel with interesting, flowing shapes that interact well with the unique features of the site. Over the past ten years, a great deal of experience has been gained in designing houses that function well in Knysna’s climatic and topographic idiosyncrasies. The partners keep abreast of all the latest materials and equipment that can be incorporated into a luxury house and they have a good understanding of how these can be affected by climate and whether or not they enhance the living experience. The studio has also gained a lot of experience in designing and managing alterations to existing houses. When doing this form of commission, special attention is paid to retaining the existing house’s character and ambiance.