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We hired Brymer Associates in early 2005; after interviewing several architects in both Cape Town and Knysna.

Our house design was a challenging assignment for two reasons:
Firstly we were US clients that were going to provide most of the input over the internet. Secondly the house was going to be shared by two couples - we required the house layout to have two equally dominant bedrooms suites that maximized the ocean views, as
well as provide the privacy and space for the two couples sharing their vacation home.

From the outset, it was clear that the design would be a collaborative effort. Merinda's suggestion that we put together. A “Mood Book" filled with magazine cuttings of colors, architectural features and any other design layout went a long way in giving her a sense of our preferences in “visual tastes and tones" for the house.

Once the initial plans were laid out, Merinda and Ian worked with us by couriering the initial plans, then incorporating our changes and resending the physical drawings several times. It was an interactive process. We found both Merinda and Ian receptive to our suggestions; but not always agreeing with all of them- especially when some of our requests may have impeded the functionality of the house.

Most importantly; when the house plans had been agreed upon; and the foundation was ready to be dug; we hit a major snag..... the orientation of the house on plan did not maximize the surf views from the master bedrooms.
This meant that we had to rotate the plans on the footprint and changing the angle significantly! .... It also meant major reworking of the drawings for Merinda! Almost a Re-do! It was at this moment of crisis that we found Ian's voice of calm and logical reasoning very influential. Merinda did not resist this change; but worked incredibly hard and long to accommodate the changes quickly. Her expediency helped us save time and expense!

Over the course of the fifteen months in which the construction took place Ian and Merinda put together a cohesive team of Interior Designers, lighting experts, pool and landscape design .We found Ian always ready to look for alternatives to manage the construction cost and time schedule. He worked well with the contractor who was NOT part of his team-- overseeing them regularly and keeping us apprised of all the issues and solutions.

As a client, we can confidently say that. Brymer and Associates team did a fabulous job for us. It was a painless and hassle free experience. Based on our experience; we feel confident in recommending them.

Kusum Gaind
House Harris

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